IN OTHER WORDS | I Ruined Christmas

I’m a little off my game this week, so when, without fanfare, I announced, that there is no Santa, I was not of right mind. I apologize to my children, my husband, and to elves everywhere. Here’s how it went tonight: We sit down to pizza. It’s been a week, husband away, kids pissed off […]

IN OTHER WORDS | When Our Parents Need More

A care package came for me today. I knew it was coming: a box of old letters, photos, and poetry. When she asked if I wanted it, I was tempted to pass, but I have a little of her save everything gene, and I was curious. She and my stepfather are moving into a retirement […]

IN OTHER WORDS | #BlackLivesMatter

I watched the Michael Brown verdict with my twelve year old son. I was not surprised. My shoulders slumped and I felt helpless. He was apoplectic. I thought, harness that energy, woman. Harness that. Sitting at your computer shedding tears, you only get to do that for a few minutes, OK. How does that help […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Cats, Cats and More Cats

Monday, I took my two cat-loving children to Austin Pets Alive, our city’s famous no-kill shelter. No, we are not adopting another cat. We already have three. We went to hang out. That is what might save this week. I may do a series of cat posts. And, when did the entire week of Thanksgiving […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Why I Love Family Dinners

1. I don’t care anymore if they eat it. I just put it on the table. Don’t get me wrong, I try to make food my family will enjoy. I just don’t stress anymore. I used to make something adult-ish that my husband would like, and when my kids were young, I made the mistake […]

IN OTHER WORDS | That’s Funny

Today’s #NaBloPoMo prompt asks: Are you the funny one in most groups? I do enjoy making people laugh. One of the sweetest sounds is that of laughter, especially unexpected, gut-busting, surprised-by-something laughter. Best kind: when it follows something I said or it’s my kid doing the laughing. I once took a stand up comedy class […]