Editorial Services

I provide a range of services including:


This includes correcting typographical errors, spelling errors and minor grammatical errors only.


This includes but is not limited to general grammar, word choice, sentence structure, and clarity; tenses, repetition, and parallel structure; punctuation, capitalization, spelling, headings and lists; appropriate voice and tone for intended audience; transitions between sections and chapters; and adherence to editorial guidelines. If you choose to inquire about copyediting, we would discuss project scope and a more thorough description of these services. Copyediting may or may not include proofreading.

Technical writing

This includes white papers, industry analyses and research for business valuation clients. I have extensive experience in a variety of industries including health care, dentistry, financial services, household goods, mining, and transportation.

All projects are priced individually and vary depending on scope and level of complexity.

Please contact me directly for more information.