IN OTHER WORDS | Guest post The Change Blog

  “Have You Lost Weight?” is a revised version of a previous post. Stop asking this question and change the narrative about body image with your answer. Please read on and click on The Change Blog link to read the entire article. by Jenny Kanevsky | 0 comments Ah, the loaded question, “have you lost weight?” If […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Guest Post on Scary Mommy

Did I Just Get Old? SCARY MOMMY » GROWING OLD BY JENNY KANEVSKY  0  0  0  0 Image via Shutterstock I woke up the other day with horizontal indentations across my forehead. I stood at the mirror and tried to rub them out. My husband was supportive. “Dear, you’re old. They’re laugh lines. You’re happy, […]


Happy New Year! Thank you so much for reading my blog. In August, I started submitting guest posts to other sites. I have gained followers, yes, but more importantly, community, support, and exposure. Thank you editors, fellow bloggers and readers! In honor of the success, I am sharing my top guest posts for 2014. Coming […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Giving Thanks to Women Who Blog

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Since August, when I joined blogging groups, I have met the best women. Great writers, hilarious people, and caring humans. Most of these women I’ve never actually met. We are friends by name, Facebook status and Twitter handle. And I feel loved. These women have got my back. When […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Speak Your Soul

Yesterday, I posted about my miscarriage. There were a few reasons for that post. One, miscarriages, and other things that make us uncomfortable—relationship issues, mental illness, learning disabilities, racism, sexism—need to become part of our regular discourse. Every conversation doesn’t have to be an NPR broadcast, but be real. It will feel so good. I […]

IN OTHER WORDS | She Was My Friend, Then We Broke Up

How many books are written about break-ups? What about songs or movies? The end of a love affair is big business and is universal. But what about the end of a friendship? How do we break-up with a friend? Sometimes, the evolution of a friendship is organic and easy. We take the hint, phone calls […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Women and the Power of Talk

I love the Internet. I love Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram, and I’m even warming to Google+. But, not much replaces talk.  Especially with women friends. It used to be get togethers, the “Girl’s Night Outs.” And I still love those but the reality is, those are now few and far between. People are busy; some […]