IN OTHER WORDS | Music of a Life

This is a re-release of a post from 2009, with a little 2014 editing. Here is one of my favorite music posts. I just thumbed through the records—vinyl LPs—found in cardboard boxes in my mother’s guest room. An eclectic mix of my childhood and my mother’s musical history—influences that are still with me. Two copies […]

IN OTHER WORDS | White Rabbit

Growing up, I listened to a lot of Jefferson Airplane. My favorite song was White Rabbit played at full blast—some might say “eleven”—as I sang along fantasizing that I was Grace Slick, a sexy, hippie rock star rather than a chubby, lonely child living amid dysfunction that would make the dormouse shudder. I also spun […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Amongst The Waves

Amongst The Waves If not for love I would be drowning I’ve seen it work both ways, but I am up Riding high amongst the waves We arrived in Austin on October 22, 2011. Our new hometown greeted us with warm weather and a tiny 1,100 square foot apartment. The months that followed were filled […]

Take It Easy

  Taking it easy is not something that comes, well, easy to me. Unless I’m on a beach in Mexico, Corona optional. I tend more toward anxiety than apathy. Patience is tough for me as well as is a lack of control. I could go on. All afternoon, I have been trying to find a way […]

I’m (Not) Angry

  I know Elvis was singing about a different kind of anger—a lover’s betrayal—in “I’m Not Angry,” and in fact claimed to be over it . . . So you found some other joker who could please you more. I’m not angry, I’m not angry anymore. His words are resonating with me this morning. I […]

You’ve Got A Friend

  OK, so it sounds (and feels) schmaltzy to quote that decades old Carole King song, but it’s the first thing that came to mind the other day. I was at the gym doing my knee rehab exercises, feeling good that I was there, back finally, but also frustrated that I am rehabbing something again […]

All At Sea

  I’m all at sea. Jamie Cullum sings of being there in one of my all time favorite songs of the same name. He sings with raspy Rat-Pack soul, with longing . . . I’m all at sea Where no-one can bother me Forgot my roots If only for a day Just me and my […]

Time May Change Me, But I Can’t Trace Time

  Changes. Some changes simply happen. You age, the sun rises and sets, the earth rotates. Other changes take effort and consciousness, patience and readiness. But, we do pass through time every moment of every day, why not make that continuous change a positive one whenever and wherever we can? I recently read—on a randomnly Googled website—a […]

The Story

  I was recently reminded that relationships are like books, they tell a story. They have chapters. Some chapters are fast-paced, alive with action and excitement. Others move slower, they may even have a sad overtone. Others still can be tragic or explosions of happiness. But each chapter has a place in the story. It’s […]

Got To Be Real

  This morning started off on a bad note. First, there was the let down from last night. Seeing Pearl Jam play their first show of the Backspacer tour was magical. My voice is hoarse from singing and screaming, my knees achy from standing for three hours at such high elevations—our seats were up there. […]