IN OTHER WORDS | Picture This

It has been a busy week and weekend. Memories flood me. In addition to writing, I have been culling old photos for blog posts. My writing is churning up feelings and memoriers, some good, some bittersweet. But, really, it’s all good, and it’s exhilarating. Maui 2007. My husband won a trip from T-Mobile. It was […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Close Happens

I’ve been married seventeen years. We have. That’s a long time. Two kids, one miscarriage, two inter-city moves, one cross-country relocation, two cat losses, several rough periods that tested our spirit, and yet. Close still happens. This weekend we have a getaway planned. It’s not much, just us in our hometown at a hotel while […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Stop Needing Me

Sometimes, I have nothing left. So much nothing that I’m writing this on my phone. Get out of bed? Turn off The Today Show? Deal with the insane “proxy server is not responding” message that has plagued my laptop for a week, the message that maybe responds to multiple reboots and cursing? No. Plus, now, […]


A Change is Gonna Come It’s been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will . . .  Sam Cooke sings of a different kind of struggle with change than that which I’ve faced in the last two years. I wasn’t born in a tent, I […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Amongst The Waves

Amongst The Waves If not for love I would be drowning I’ve seen it work both ways, but I am up Riding high amongst the waves We arrived in Austin on October 22, 2011. Our new hometown greeted us with warm weather and a tiny 1,100 square foot apartment. The months that followed were filled […]

Three More Days

Three more days Girl you know I will be comin’ home to you, darling . . . Woke up with Ray LaMontagne’s voice in my head. I miss my husband and son, Theo, who are somewhere between Cheyenne and Denver now, roadtripping their way to Austin, Texas our new hometown. And in three more days, I […]

Our House

Our house is a very, very, very fine house, With two cats in the yard, Life used to be so hard, Now everything is easy ‘cause of you. Come to me now, and rest your head for just five minutes Everything is done.   My oldest son is nine. Tall like a stalk of bamboo, smile […]


Earlier this week, our community was hit with a horrific and seemingly avoidable tragedy. Four small children lost their father. A young, vital, loving woman lost her husband, partner. I say “seemingly avoidable” because from where I sit, it appears as such. But what do I know? What do any of us know? No one […]


I am sitting in the dark of my office, also my bedroom, keyboard aglow with no other light. I rarely write late into the night because my husband likes to sleep. He’s in Scotland now; day four of a twelve day golfing adventure with his best friend. I know it’s day four because our youngest son is marking the […]

In Your Eyes

  My most recent strange health issue: a massive allergy to who knows what causing my left eye to swell almost completely shut. With this, an itch beyond comprehension that spread from my eye to my forehead and cheeks, gradually crawling its way to my right side. I hit the Benadryl hard, sleeping like the dead […]