IN OTHER WORDS | Guest Post on Scary Mommy

Did I Just Get Old? SCARY MOMMY » GROWING OLD BY JENNY KANEVSKY  0  0  0  0 Image via Shutterstock I woke up the other day with horizontal indentations across my forehead. I stood at the mirror and tried to rub them out. My husband was supportive. “Dear, you’re old. They’re laugh lines. You’re happy, […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Most Wanted Carpool Lane Offenders

  In honor of back to school after Christmas break (can I get an “Amen?”), I’m sharing thoughts on the car-pool lane, a.k.a the drop-off lane, or simply the parking lot. If you have school age kids who don’t take the bus, you know all about slow moving vehicles, painted lines and safety patrol. Sounds […]


Happy New Year! Thank you so much for reading my blog. In August, I started submitting guest posts to other sites. I have gained followers, yes, but more importantly, community, support, and exposure. Thank you editors, fellow bloggers and readers! In honor of the success, I am sharing my top guest posts for 2014. Coming […]

From BLUNTmoms | Five Things Never to Say to a Mom

Have a read, have a laugh . . .”that baby needs a nap” is one of them. Five Things Never to Say to a Mom  


December 20, 2014 is my 50th birthday. And, I’d like to just say WTF? Today, December 19th on BLUNTmoms, the day before I hit that half century mark, my newest guest post goes live. Guess what it’s about? Ageing, getting old, being old, having grey hair in places you don’t want to think about, talk […]

IN OTHER WORDS | How to Survive Costco with Kids

1. Feed them first.  Now is not the time to worry about portion size or healthy options. Hello? You’re at Costco. This is about survival. Greasy pizza the size of their head? Check. Enormous nitrate-filled hot dog? Done. Mountain of frozen yogurt? Yes, please. Just get something in their pie holes before you shop. If they […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Giving Thanks to Women Who Blog

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Since August, when I joined blogging groups, I have met the best women. Great writers, hilarious people, and caring humans. Most of these women I’ve never actually met. We are friends by name, Facebook status and Twitter handle. And I feel loved. These women have got my back. When […]

IN OTHER WORDS | That’s Funny

Today’s #NaBloPoMo prompt asks: Are you the funny one in most groups? I do enjoy making people laugh. One of the sweetest sounds is that of laughter, especially unexpected, gut-busting, surprised-by-something laughter. Best kind: when it follows something I said or it’s my kid doing the laughing. I once took a stand up comedy class […]