IN OTHER WORDS | Picture This

It has been a busy week and weekend. Memories flood me. In addition to writing, I have been culling old photos for blog posts. My writing is churning up feelings and memoriers, some good, some bittersweet. But, really, it’s all good, and it’s exhilarating. Maui 2007. My husband won a trip from T-Mobile. It was […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Kauai Christmas

One Christmas, while living in Seattle, my husband and I made a promise to each other. The next year, we were going to Hawaii. Yes, the most expensive Christmas destination. But we were miserable. The weather was terrible, dark and dreary. I had the flu on Christmas Eve and couldn’t join in extended family events. […]

IN OTHER WORDS | Why I Love Costco

When I was in business school at the University of Washington, Seattle, Jim Senegal, the founder of Costco, spoke to my Entrepreneurship class. It was 1992 and Costco was a baby. Senegal was a true entrepreneur with a unique business model. The class was rapt. First, he was accessible. There was no affect or arrogance, […]


There is an Eric Carle board book about a little girl who asks “Papa, can you get the moon for me?” And her father gets a ladder. When my boys were little, I read this to them. I kept it because when I see it on the shelf, I think of the many ways, as […]