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  “Have You Lost Weight?” is a revised version of a previous post. Stop asking this question and change the narrative about body image with your answer. Please read on and click on The Change Blog link to read the entire article.

“Have You Lost Weight?”

Ah, the loaded question, “have you lost weight?” If I only had a slice of cheesecake for every time someone asked me that. I’d have a lot of freaking cheesecake. I like New York traditional, by the way, and then chocolate, because a girl can get bored, and we are talking a lot of cheesecake. The question implies that I needed to lose weight, that something about me needed to change; and that now I am better.

When I am asked this question, even today, my first feeling is joy. I can’t help it, I don’t want to feel it, I don’t like that I feel it, but that’s what happens. That is what needs to change.  That is my promise.

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