IN OTHER WORDS | When Does School Start?

Back to School Road SignI’m locked in my bedroom, laptop, iced beverage and cell phone, hiding from my children.

I can hear them in the dining room playing poker with my husband. Yes, we are model parents. They’re using pretzels for money, but basically, gambling. And, that’s OK.

We still have another seven days of Christmas break; ten down. I’m starting to feel it. And I have yet to consume any alcohol. Maybe that’s the problem.

How much would their brains rot if they watched TV and played XBOX 24/7 until next Tuesday? I would sort of be OK with that. Don’t go calling CPS and go ape-shit on my parenting. I’m not going to and they won’t, so chill out. They need to do something and that means they need an adult. I guess that’s me, right, Mom?


So, I’m Googling movie times and checking weather reports and calling play date friends and making it all happen. Because that’s what moms do. But sometimes, fucking A if I don’t want to just stay in my pajamas and let them play XBOX all day.

Mothering is so many things, and during holiday breaks, it’s like being a camp counselor to a bunch of rowdy, homesick, feral cats. Routine is off, sleep is off, eating if off. Everything. Off.

I know. What a whiner. I’m fortunate. I’m home with my boys. I don’t have to shuttle them to daycare while I go to an office. But, my office is here, sitting on my lap, and it’s calling me. I’ll be back soon, Precious, and we’ll get through this.

We’ll even have some fun; a movie, some popcorn, a hike if it’s sunny, a play date, and maybe even the trampoline place. They can sweat it out; I’ll bring my laptop. It’s all good.

It’s also good to bitch sometimes. I feel better now. And, you know what would really make me feel better? A glass of wine.


  1. I feel you. It can be all good, and you can love your kids wholeheartedly, and still, OMG, the breaks drrrragggggg. I just want some time inside my own skull, and when they’re home, I never am entirely inside my head. Like you, I count down the days–and already shudder when I think of summer break in too few short months.

    *she typed, heading upstairs to fold laundry and suck down a vodka tonic*

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  2. I’m finishing a book and planing my reentry into blogging daily. I know the bitching. *fistbump*

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  3. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one feeling like this. And the best part? Chicago schools were closed because of cold weather for an extra four days after winter break. All of the grocery stores were out of wine because of stressed out mamas, I swear…



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