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Happy New Year! Thank you so much for reading my blog. In August, I started submitting guest posts to other sites. I have gained followers, yes, but more importantly, community, support, and exposure. Thank you editors, fellow bloggers and readers! In honor of the success, I am sharing my top guest posts for 2014. Coming in 2015, a Featured Writing page on my blog where you can find every guest post, past, present and future.

Cheers and Happy New Year all!

BLUNTmoms  is one of my favorite sites . I feel more myself on this site than anywhere, whether it be a humor post, or one about parenting.


Did I Just Get Old?

Five Things Never to Say to a Mom


 No Harmony in Musical Chairs

 BlogHer was my first guest site. I owe a lot to their editors who have featured four different posts.

On Family:

Goodbye, Santa: The Year Mom Ruined Christmas

Forget Being Super Mom, Be a GEM

On Health:

“Are You Sure You Should Eat That?”

 On Work/Life

“Should” Is A Four Letter Word

Lipstick & Politics, for the first time, an editor contacted me and asked me to guest post. I’ve been featured three times now and love this site.

On Beauty/Body Image:

Blubber Girl

Why You Should NEVER Ask Your Friends If They’ve Lost Weight

On Family:

Let’s Talk About Sex (With Our Kids)

MomBabble is new for me. I love the editors and hope to have more to share soon.

On Motherhood:

My Compassionate Boys

Role Reboot is a fun site to write for; the editor has been supportive and welcoming.

On Body Image:

 The Time I Stood Up To My Fat-Shamer

On Relationships:

When Friends Break Up

 Hope you enjoyed this “Best of 2014” feature. Here’s to more in the New Year!



  1. tbellkindred says:

    Good for you! Hope 2015 is a great year for you and your blog! Hope to see you at BAM in Nashville! Teresa from


  2. Congrats on this great achievement….just starting to get into guest blogging and I am learning so incredibly much!


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