IN OTHER WORDS | Giving Thanks to Women Who Blog

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Since August, when I joined blogging groups, I have met the best women. Great writers, hilarious people, and caring humans. Most of these women I’ve never actually met. We are friends by name, Facebook status and Twitter handle. And I feel loved. These women have got my back.

When my first post came out on BLUNTmoms, a milestone for me, and my first comment was negative, they formed #teamJenny and weighed in with their support.

When I get a rejection, I get feedback from women who have been there, heard that, and who remind me it’s all part of the process. Each rejection is one step closer to your next acceptance. So I keep on keeping on.

On this Thanksgiving Day, my way of giving thanks is to say, go, click, read of these amazing writers and enjoy their words. I would put links to every one of them, there are hundreds, but a piece of pumpkin pie awaits. Enjoy their words, follow their words. I know I do. I also get to have them as friends. Lucky, lucky me.

Thank you, Alison Tedford of the quick wit and generous heart. I am so grateful to have you in my life. This featured post on BlogHer is a winner: I’m More than “Just a Stripper.”

Thank you, Jill Robbins, kindred spirit in many things not the least of which include wine, snacks, and Costco. You are a wonderful teacher on the realities of adoption. I’m a White Mom with Chinese Kids. I Call BS on Being “Colorblind.”

Thank you, Alexandra Rosas. You welcomed me when I was a green bean. You’re a true mentor and friend. And, you write with elegance, and truth. Read her recent How My Boys Healed Me. Get a tissue first.

And a million thank yous to blogging guru Susan Lee Macarelli, not only are you wise, and patient, but you are hilarious. I dare you not to laugh at this: Aunt Flo Is Not This Complicated So Why Are My Tampons.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my new blogging friends. I have much to be grateful for this year.

You’ll see a new post from me, every day in November as part of National Blog Posting Month, NaBloPoMo. We’re almost done, but you can still join in. See BlogHer for all the information you need to get started.


  1. Blogging tribes are one of the best things about blogging!

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  2. We don’t really know what direction we’re going in with our blog and what will ultimately come of it, but I love the inspiration and guidance from all the women that I’ve met in the blogging family!!

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  3. loisaltermark says:

    Great post! I have gotten to know so many amazing women through blogging, and meeting them IRL has made my life so much richer. I feel very lucky to be part of this community.

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  4. colleenpence says:

    I love the blogging community, especially in Texas. We learn from each other, support each other, and become great friends. Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Thanks so much for the kind words! So glad to have gotten to know you through BYB. Cheers!


  6. I love my blogging groups. love the advice and companies to work for and not to work for


  7. Love this post! I also counted the new bloggers I’ve “met” this year among the things I’m most grateful for — your and their words have truly made this a better year. And now you have me wanting to find my favorites from across the year – think I just found a December project!


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