IN OTHER WORDS | #BlackLivesMatter

I watched the Michael Brown verdict with my twelve year old son. I was not surprised. My shoulders slumped and I felt helpless. He was apoplectic. I thought, harness that energy, woman. Harness that. Sitting at your computer shedding tears, you only get to do that for a few minutes, OK. How does that help your black friends who fear for their children? How does that make change that so clearly needs to be made in this country? That doesn’t help make change. Harness that.

And the change needs to start with me. Yes, we need to work together, white people, black people and brown people. But, white people, we, I, have been given an undeserved gift of privilege. I was born white. It’s time to give back.

Last night, with pride, I watched my son become an activist. And I kicked myself in the ass after years of sitting on it. We went to the Austin Police Department for a peaceful #RestorativeJustice protest against the verdict. It was a group of several hundred people with voices of strength and conviction. It was black faces, brown faces and white faces. It was Baptist preachers, Nation of Islam speakers, Latino city council members. It was the human race speaking up for the human race.

I’m not qualified to talk about what it feels like to be persecuted. I can say that I’m here, and I’m a voice. I’m willing to do the work, look inside, speak up, and join the fight.

Last night, the line that resonated was, “Don’t be mad, be angry. Come in angry and with a vision for change. That’s what we need from you. Are you there?” And hundreds of voices shouted back “I’m there.”

I’m ready to help with that vision. I sent messages to both my sons’ schools. “How will you talk about this issue? Here are some ideas; please consider them. Racial inequality, it needs to be talked about.” I’m there. And so is my son.

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  1. I love reading your posts. You’re very eloquent, and look forward to your blog.

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  2. I saw Mike Brown’s parents on CBS This Morning, this morning and it just pains me to see their pain. Of course, they still have pain. I have made a vow to not remember Mike Brown by these violent protests, but to do a beautiful, loving or caring action myself. I have not decided what it will be yet, but I will not let this young man be remembered only by this ‘unjust decision’ or any of this looting & violence. I want him to actually be remembered, at least by my own action of making a change. Like you, I myself, need to make an actual action of change and honor his life in a peaceful action. I thank you for making this post. Lots of love, Lisa

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  3. Awesome for you. I agree it needs to be talked about, so good that you contacted the schools.

    I’ve been scouting around for good stuff about this topic since last night, and this post is in my top three. It’s getting shares from me.


    • Thank you so much. I am honored. It is a topic I have found difficult to write about, as if I am not qualified. I wrote from the heart, I guess that’s what it takes. Many thanks.

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      • You’re welcome. I had trouble with it, too. I ended up linking to a couple of my friends who wrote good posts about it and adding 350 words about the larger social context. I saw you Facebook page like. That’s much appreciated. @Sourcererblog on Twitter is me, just in case you’re wondering where that tweet came from. That’s an account that I have branded to a collaborative blog I run.

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  4. Thank you, friend. I’m glad you’re here with us.


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