IN OTHER WORDS | Baby It’s Alright

This post is a re-release from last year. I was working through something and a walk in the rain helped. I’m listening to the rain on my sunroof tonight, and remembering that walk.

Nothing is here to stay
Everything has to begin and end
A ship in a bottle won’t sail
All we can do is dream that the
wind will blow us across the water
A ship in a bottle set sail

It’s finally raining today. In Austin, we celebrate the rain. We rejoice in its arrival. As I contemplated my morning walk, driving the kids to school under dark clouds and showers, I thought, I guess I won’t go, the sky’s going to split open. But after my coffee and a brief downpour, it stopped. I strapped on my shoes and set out knowing the risk of getting caught in more rain. The local weatherman was giddy. “Sixty percent chance until noon, 100% by 5 p.m.,” he declared grinning.

I did get caught in it. I even walked past my street as it started to drizzle, staying on my route as I let it rain on me and strengthen and drip down my face and arms; cool water finally cleansing me of the some of the sadness I had been carrying. The neighborhood was silent and calm. I let go of a resentment I’ve been harboring. And the sweet cool feeling of a strong body reminding me, I’ve done well this week, a single parent; victory after victory, including calm homework sessions and open, genuine deep communication. Going to places as a Mom I’ve always hoped I would go. And knowing that I often have these victories, but I rarely acknowledge them. Truly absorb them. And watching my boys grow into stronger people with every act of trust and communication. I am grateful and blessed. It’s not luck, but hard work and love. The wind will blow us across the water. We must be the ship in a bottle and set sail.

Baby, it’s alright
Stop your crying, now
It’s alright
So stop your crying, now
Be a ship in a bottle set sail

Lyrics copyright Dave Matthews



  1. Beautiful. This suits me today. I wish it would rain. =)


  2. As I sit here looking at what is turning out to be our second day of rain on a weekend that was reported to be quite beautiful here in the Sunshine State I found this so appropriate and so peaceful. Thank you for bringing it back.

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  3. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I kind of feel this way about the rain, too, but it can also take so much out of things so I never seem to get to enjoy it as I’d like. Glad that you did.


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