My first novel, and I say first because someday I will write another, was published in 2004.

Before writing, I had a corporate career, software marketing, and even a brief stint in financial services. An auto accident cut that short. I was diagnosed with an immune system disorder and was so sick I couldn’t work. My life turned upside down. I concentrated on my health, and my husband supported me 100%, in every way. I stopped working and focused on my health. I figured out how to manage my illness. Working full time was not part of the new plan.

“I want to write a mystery novel.” I told him one day. I was well enough to do something, but not everything. Not easy for a person used to doing everything. It was a paradigm shift.

“OK,” he said. “You need something to do. You’re driving me nuts.”

So, I did.

And so, Chosen Quarry was born. Sophia Gold, a photographer and private investigator, gets involved in a high profile missing persons case. Campbell Keats, the son of Philadelphia’s most influential philanthropist and heir to the Keats Quarry fortune, is missing. Then Sophia finds him murdered. She expects to turn the case over to the police, but the victim’s mother wants her to stay on the case. As Sophia investigates, she finds the famous family may not be who they seem. There are long hidden family secrets, multiple suspects and many possible motives for murder. And, now she something to worry about—finding the killer before the killer finds her.

I still can’t believe that story came out of me. I wrote an actual story. It came together. People read it, enjoyed it, still want to buy it. It’s a feather in my cap, and a reminder, when I feel all writers do sometimes, like no words will come. But, they do. They will.


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