IN OTHER WORDS | It’s the Journey

I started my blog in 2009. I posted sporadically. My followers were friends and family. I joined no blogging communities, submitted to no other sites; I just plugged away as a creative outlet. I had no plan or even much passion. I enjoyed it, but it was back burner. Fits and starts, there were periods over the years when I wrote often. I had a theme of sorts. Music was important in my writing. It still is. In the past, almost every post would come through the lyrics and music of one of my favorite artists. I had 200-300 followers.

At some point in the last four months, I realized I no longer wanted to do corporate contract writing. While recovering from shoulder surgery, and complications, a hospitalization, the breakdown in my body allowed my heart and mind free reign. My muse awoke, slapped me upside the head, and exploded with creativity.

Four months. So what if I started to blog in 2009? So what if I published my novel in 2004? I was busy in between, two kids, no big deal. My point, to myself, is four months. I joined blogging groups, I got out there. I’m networking, sharing, commenting, tweeting, re-tweeting. On WordPress alone, as of today, I have about 700 followers. Not a lot but for me, a huge jump.

So, when I look at my work, my writing, my blog, my updated website, my featured posts on BlogHer and guest posts on BLUNTmoms, Lipstick & Politics , Project Underblog and Role Reboot in that time, I feel pretty good. Pretty, pretty good. And I can calm the f&@k down. It doesn’t all happen at once. If it did, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I’m still figuring out what it is, where I fit, how it all feels.

Breathe it in girl. Soak it in. Enjoy the journey.



  1. Hey,
    We all travel our own path of greatness and have to get through those self-induced barriers! Congrats on all your accomplishments!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on everything you’ve done so far!


  3. Good job, lady! Great accomplishments so far. I see you going so far.


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