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I’m going to love this month. But, I already screwed up! I was so excited about #NaBloPoMo—National Blog Post Month, writing one blog post every day and posting it to BlogHer with a huge community of other bloggers—that I started my first post on October 31st and put it on BlogHer and then it was logged in October. Rookie mistake. So, I had to use my post teed up for November 2nd on the 1st  and now I’m writing the 2nd’s post again, completely free writing, not what I’d planned. Sigh. Writer’s problems.

I’m excited for this project. Since I decided to do it, I can’t stop writing. I want little to do with my husband, children, even my cats. Well, I still want my cats. I want to lock myself in my bedroom with a pot of Earl Grey tea, bags of mini peanut M&Ms and write and write and write. I know, I live on the edge. Tea and M&Ms. I’d last about two paragraphs with wine right now, I’m so tired. But my fingers cannot stop.

Friday, Halloween, I had a flat tire and my spare was also flat. Saturday, I had to go early to get it fixed and thought, ugh, my morning is gone. And then, I thought, ooh, The Coffee Bean is near the tire place. Free Wifi, it’ll take hours to change those tires. I can write! Yay!

Maybe I should get one of those teeny tiny little houses, take my cats, my tea and my M&Ms and go off and just pound out my blog posts this month. Alas, I can’t. I have to live my life too. And, I’d miss my husband and kids. Eventually. OK, really soon.

Meanwhile, I’ll sign off with a huge thanks to my new group of blogger friends, you know who you are. These last few months have been the most creative and fulfilling of my blogging career. Although, I’ve been a haphazard personal blogger since 2009, I call myself a newbie. Since August, I’ve submitted to other sites and been the Featured Member Post on BlogHer three times, been on Lipstick & Politics twice, RoleReboot once, BLUNTmoms once, and in a few weeks will be on Project Underblog. I’m having a great time!

The best part is the sense of community and support. So, thank you. And, I hope to give as good as I get. I look forward to every day in November and every day thereafter as I continue to write my heart out, and I cannot wait to read what’s in yours.


You’ll see a new post from me, every day in November as part of National Blog Posting Month, NaBloPoMo. Join in for an entire month dedicated to writing. See BlogHer for all the information you need to get started.



  1. Ever since I embarked on NaBloPoMo, I too feel like I need to write and write and write. Committing to posting daily has unlocked something in me, which I totally need. I’ve been so unfocused, so this is a great project for me. Good luck with your November!


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