IN OTHER WORDS | Five Random Things About Me


This is a fun post. Thank you Alexandra Rosas of Good Day Regular People for tagging me. She calls it Blogging “Old School” 2009 Style. I was a baby blogger then. I’m happy to be in the big kids’ sandbox now, or at least to sit on the edge. Enjoy!

1. Sometimes I run off at the mouth. I’m also naïve. This is a bad combination. Example: At a posh wedding of a co-worker (and higher up at the company), the guys, my husband and I gathered to congratulate the groom. “So, shotgun wedding, huh?” I said, joking as they’d been dating a short time. I’d nailed it and everyone else already knew. Oxygen masks deployed as all the air sucked out of the room. I do have self-deprecation and humor on my side but still, awkward.

2. I once took a stand up comedy class and did a five minute set in front of an audience of 120 +. It was a blast. Check it out. Jenny Stands Up 2009.

3. When I was five and my sister was ten months, I locked us in the bathroom and gave her a haircut. I did not draw blood. It was a decent pixie cut. But, she’d been born with luscious black hair. My parents were not happy. Remember, no blood. From that point until our twenties, hair length was an issue for us. Ok, for me.

4. At nine, we were in upstate PA and I jumped off a 35 foot bridge into a shallow creek. The locals were doing it. Our group of hippie-teacher parents and the kids watched in awe, terrified. “Where are their parents?” one mother whispered. When a local boy taunted me with, “No girl ever did it,” I told my dad I was in. He got out his camera. I loved it. Jumped twice.

5. I once audibly farted while getting a chiropractic adjustment. My doctor was doing an adjustment as a favor, at his house, on a Sunday before I flew to South Africa on business. He was concerned I’d have issues on the plane. He got more than he bargained for.

So, a quick glimpse into what makes me, me. And, oh, there’s so much more, but for another time. Now, it’s your turn. And, by all means, don’t wait to be tagged. I could only tag five. After all, rules are rules, and if you know me at all I’m nothing if not a rule follower. Or am I?

So, friends and fellow bloggers, I hereby tag:

Alison Tedford of Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops
Susan Lee Maccarelli of Pecked to Death by Chickens
A’Driane Nieves of Butterfly Confessions
Leigh Ann Torres of Genie in a Blog and
Kristin Shaw of Two Cannoli in

Five Random Things About Me
, a fun blogging game to blow off a little steam and share a few tidbits about yourselves. I enjoyed this. It was a nice change of pace. Cheers!


  1. Hahahah..awesome and fearless!!!


  2. Thanks, Michelle.


  3. FUN!


  4. Tooting on the chiropractic or physical therapy table is seriously one of my worst nightmares.


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