IN OTHER WORDS | Free Yourself Be Yourself

Let love come into your heart
It’s a perfect way to start

Who remembers The Brothers Johnson song? I dare you to not dance. Wiggle just a little bit. Twirl even. Go ahead and groove. I listened to that song hundreds of times as a teen. My favorite parts: the inspirational shout outs like:

Live your life girl
You can do it!

And that is what it’s all about. Being authentic. Lately, I have less room in my heart, consciousness, inbox, Facebook feed for anything but authenticity. It feeds on itself. I have been sharing more about my true self, without shame or apology, and I am attracting that in others. It’s how I want to live my life. I have deeper friendships now. I have lost some “friends” but that’s OK. My definition of the word has changed. I don’t need anger or aggressive debate around me. I don’t want statistics, the number of Facebook friends, number of Twitter followers, anything but truth to determine my self worth. I love my people. I love feeling a part of a community, feeling supported, accepted.

The other day, someone quoted me to me. She had read a recent blog post, she hadn’t commented but it must have resonated with her. Because she quoted me to me! Did I mention that? I came into her shop and I asked how she was, and she said “Good.” And then she smiled, “I’m good enough.” She was referring to my recent blog post Good Enough Mom. I felt a rush of pride and connection. I’m reaching people, I thought. And they are the kind of people I want in my life.

I’m honored by people who are willing to be true and authentic; who trust me with their real selves. That’s what it’s about, folks. Superficiality, hoping to appear perfect, sweeping the dust bunnies under the rug so no one will see. No. That only keeps us apart. You could be surrounded and I guarantee you’ll be lonely. Let it all out. You’ll find your friendships deepen, your self-confidence will soar and your life will be rich and full of so much special.

This post is dedicated  to JC. You inspire me.

Free Yourself Be Yourself copyright The Brothers Johnson


  1. says:

    Jen, I like it a lot – the idea of it and while you didn’t mentioned how or why you now find yourself being authentic – there is truth to what you say and it does come out. Personally I like your strong voice – not so much the ” that’s what it’s all about folks, ” voice. I’m not sure why you use it or use it there. So there is a maturity and a younger you voice. I love the beginning about the song though I don’t know it – you writing for a younger audience? I bet. I also like how you use facebook, twitter, friends, etc…..can relate to that. Good job – sorry it took me a while to write back and even find the thing in the first place. I should write something about growing old and letting go….oh well……next time – talk soon, take care of yourself, June


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