IN OTHER WORDS | What A Wonderful World

Here I sit in my new home. Finally, we are here. We are home. Ten months in an apartment, a limbo of disparate cultures. Not Seattle, yet not quite Austin. And yet, we did our best to assimilate to the city. And we were happy, grew to love this city, the beautiful weather, sunshine, blue skies, friendly people, our new life.

And now, our life is beyond compare. A friend who knows of such things said “Rarely do I see a family relocate where every member loves it. Flat out.” And yet that is our family now. We are all happy, so very happy. Theo has said, “I love Austin Mom. This our home now. And, by the way, I’ve never slept better.” Somehow, that speaks to the depth of his security. He can let go completely at night. He falls into deep sleep the moment his head hits the pillow. He loves his dark room, a small cozy cave-like space he has made his own where he hangs out on his bed listening to Beethoven and reading Hemingway, my amazing ten year old fifth grader.

Lucas has a giant room to accomodate his big, open self. He plays “air” drums along to Bruce Springsteen. He begs to go the neighbors every five minutes, and when he gets there, I’m told, simply asks to walk their dog. Or, joins them on hikes. We have the most amazing neighbors, they are not just neighbors, they will be lifelong friends. A family across the street with two boys, another up the block with another boy and new baby girl. And parents of like mind. Tim and I have friends, the boys do, we belong. We are home.

I see skies of blue . . . clouds of white
Bright blessed days . . . dark sacred nights
And I think to myself . . . what a wonderful world.


  1. So very happy for you; can’t wait to see the new place!


  2. heartwriter says:

    What a lovely reflection of where you are! Glad to hear it JK.


  3. Sweet–how wonderful to have truly “landed”! Lots of love from the PNW 🙂


  4. Cousin Rose says:

    Absolutely beautiful writing! Glad it’s warm in Austin. (I recall a warm day at the Philadelphia Folk Festival where you accompanied Theodore Bikel in song as a baby!) May your hearts sing in Austin! Love, Cousin Rose


    • Thanks Rose, how nice to hear from you! And what a nice memory you’ve given me from a looong time ago at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. My son is named Theodore, not after Bikel, and we call him Theo, but a nice piece of intertwined history. Hope you are well.


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