Three More Days

Three more days
Girl you know I will be comin’ home to you, darling . . .

Woke up with Ray LaMontagne’s voice in my head. I miss my husband and son, Theo, who are somewhere between Cheyenne and Denver now, roadtripping their way to Austin, Texas our new hometown. And in three more days, I will coming home to you darlings. Lucas and I, the two cats, a giant suitcase and a backpack filled with every confidential document, piece of jewelry, and piggy bank item will board a plane Austin-bound. With a one-way ticket. The last time I bought a one-way ticket was in 1991 when I moved to Seattle, where I have made my home for over two decades.

The move was initially prompted by a search for a warmer climate. My health issues have become so overwhelming that I cannot live comfortably in Seattle. The cold, damp weather simply crushes me. Once Tim and I got on the same page–fodder for another blog post–we realized that our lust for travel and adventure could be combined with this move; he was also about to start a massive job hunt, and our older son would soon be ready for middle school. (Seattle schools are iffy at best right now, unfortunately for all of my dear friends with children enrolled in them.) The timing was perfect.

These last few weeks have been a surreal whirlwind of anxiety, exhaustion, excitement, panic, joy, sadness and amazement. Tim and I put our minds to moving the family to Austin in May of this year. And we made it so. I remember distinctly the moment, even though we hadn’t yet verbalized it. We were in an awful W Hotel in San Diego doing recon. Down to two cities of choice, we went to San Diego first. If you believe in signs, and I do, the first was that the day before we left, I got the flu. And I’m talking the knock-down drag-out flu. My older son had had it two weeks earlier and I was so proud of myself for having Purelled my way through his illness. Hah! I slept on the plane and shivered my way through our first night in the hotel in a Nyquil haze.

We spent our first day in San Diego doing our due diligence but, needless to say, my heart wasn’t in it. I could barely speak and my only sustenance was a Wendy’s Frosty (which by the way, was my first ever and kicks ass if you have a sore throat). The expense of living there, the feel of the place, the limited job opportunities, there were many factors–it just didn’t feel right. And the signs, oh the signs. We were parked next to the hotel room of a group of bachelor partiers. At 3 a.m. they decided it was Black Sabbath time. I could go on and on. Signs were everywhere.

But, back to “the moment.” It was after thirteen hours of drug and flu-induced sleep, waking up on Mother’s Day in the don’t-ever-stay-there-W-Hotel in San Diego as I heard my husband madly tap, tap tapping on his laptop. He was signing up for LinkedIn message boards and technology groups and reaching out to folks all in the name of Austin, Texas. Ya’ll.

One month later, coincidentally but fittingly, on Father’s Day weekend, we were in Austin. It was the beginning of the summer heat wave. It was hot. I’m not gonna lie. But, it also wasn’t so bad. Not humid. Light clothing. Take a good deep breath of A/C before exiting the hotel. By the end of the weekend, we were getting used to it. The feel of the city enveloped us like a blanket (a warm-ass blanket, but a blanket nonetheless). We felt like we were on a first date, “I could live here, what about you?” “I could live here.” And finally, we looked at each other, toasting with a Shiner and a margarita: “Here’s to our new hometown.” Friendly, manageable traffiic, great job opportunities, a fantastic school district within the city limits and affordable housing–we’re getting a pool dammit–awesome food, music to shake your moneymaker to, awesome food (did I mention), Amy’s ice cream, water everywhere–lakes and people out running, walking, playing with dogs, kayaking–like Seattle but with sun and warm weather. And bats, the largest colony of bats in a city, oh, just Google it. It’s amazing.

So, here I sit, in an Alki townhouse, with my sweet six year old asleep downstairs as we live out our last three days in Seattle. My hometown of over 20 years. I love you Seattle. Thank you friends, family, community, mountains, beach . . . I will miss you all.

Gonna bring it on home to you
Home to you home to you.


  1. Ahh, Jenny…you bring tears to my eyes. We will miss you all so much, but wish you health and happiness in your “new hometown”. Maybe, just maybe, once you settle in, the next adventure of Sophia Gold will be forthcoming…I hope. Love you.


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