Our House

Our house is a very, very, very fine house,

With two cats in the yard,

Life used to be so hard,

Now everything is easy ‘cause of you.

Come to me now, and rest your head for just five minutes

Everything is done.


My oldest son is nine. Tall like a stalk of bamboo, smile as broad as can be. Bright, curious, sensitive, amazing, resilient, creative, intense—he amazes me. He wants to be a scientist, aide to the President, discover a new dinosaur. My younger son will be six in a few weeks. He’s a sweetheart; kind, gentle, incredibly aware for his age and hilarious. He wants to be a rock star, professional baseball player, fireman.  He made our little family complete. And when I look at them, I realize that they already have more security, strength, rock-solid parenting, nurturing, laughter, than my sister and I at their ages. They have lived in the same home, had the same room, the same parents, together. We are a team, solid, loving—they have a world to discover and a safe place to come home.

The other night I went in to cuddle with my younger son. My husband had been on story duty. I opened his door to a darkened room and he looked up at me from his loft bed. I was smiling. He said “Hi Mom. I love it when you smile like that.” My eyes brimmed. “Why’s that sweetie?” “Because it means you’re happy and I love it when you’re happy. I love you so much.” I climbed up onto his loft bed and held my little boy and took in his special smell and the curve of his body against mine and marveled at the fortune of my life.

My husband and I work at it. And it hasn’t always been easy. We’ve had our rough months, a rough year here and there. But, we’re so strong now it feels like we’re soaring. I’m aware that there are hills and valleys in life, but watching my children grow in to who they are—not who I think they should be—is more joyous than I’d ever imagined. Feeling the bond grow and strengthen and change between me and my husband, and then our family bond as an extension, is a happiness I’ve never before felt. I missed that growing up. But in our house, we’re giving that to our children, and they’re giving it to us. It’s a very very very fine house.


  1. Linda Keeney says:

    I feel that and love that for you. And I have always loved that song. Are your ready for this Jenny? My Heather turn’s 21 next month. She has a fine house too.


  2. Yes she does. What a lucky ADULT she is. Hard to believe. Miss you.


  3. heartwriter says:

    I grew up with that song and love it…and I love how you apply it to your lovely post. Your words make me smile this morning. Nice to see you blogging again. Good to hear your writing voice…authentic and strong.


  4. Debbie Sweetland says:

    Yes!!! Our” little fortunes,” indeed! Aren’t they amazing!


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