Five years ago today, July 2, 2005 at precisely this time—11 a.m.—my husband and I were headed to the hospital hoping to get a bed so I could give birth to Lucas. He’d been true to his nature in pregnancy and for weeks prior to his due date threatening to join us only to sit and wait, all sharp elbows and knees, just to show his strong will. Finally, I was scheduled for induction at thirty-nine weeks. July 1st. I love to plan, to know what’s coming so this was perfect. Theo was scheduled to spend the night with his grandparents, it was a Friday and Tim had taken the day off. All was in alignment. And then we phoned the hospital that morning to find they had no open beds.  There was nothing medically wrong; I was a low-priority. So, we waited.

That was a long day. I’d been uncomfortably pregnant for weeks at this point and looking forward to of course meeting my son, but also to relieving my significant discomfort. At the risk of turning this blog into a maternity site with discussions of placentas and cervixes, suffice it to say, I was physically miserable. I was told to call the next morning but warned—and in such a nonchalant manner that I almost crammed my fist through the phone—we might be looking at Monday. Monday?!

July 2nd came and I was more than ready. We phoned that Saturday morning.  Still no open beds.   The on-call doctor must have heard the desperation in my voice. “Just come in,” she said. “We’ll see what we can do. Maybe you can spend some time in triage. Maybe then you’ll have some movement or someone will go home.” We got checked in. Still no beds. I didn’t care about a bed at this point—a couch in the waiting room would have worked. The nurses were doing all they could. They wanted me to have my baby that day too. Perhaps the sight of my enormous pregnant belly, swollen ankles and flushed cheeks told them something. They sent us off to get lunch. “Get something spicy,” a nurse said. “And find a hilly street. Hike it. Briskly.”

Since we were on First Hill in Seattle, we easily found both a hilly street and spicy food. Sitting down to a gyro I hoped I wouldn’t revisit later, Tim and I had our last meal together as parents of one. When we got back to the hospital, they set me up in triage with all the requisite monitors.  And finally I got a bed sometime around 6 p.m. Once induction began, Lucas wasted no time. In fact, as we chatted with the nurse during an exam, she casually said “You’ll be having this baby in the next twenty minutes.” Tim and I chuckled thinking she was nuts. Sure enough, within a few minutes I remember thinking, this kid is coming. “Can someone get the doctor?” I asked realizing she wasn’t even in the room. “And take off my socks for crying out loud!” Ten minutes later, three pushes later, my lovely, beautiful, rosy-cheeked baby was born. Ready to take on the world having shown us all he was in charge. His strength of character, also known as stubbornness, has never been more evident than it is now as he grows into his fifth year. He’s a sweet, strong, smart, hilariously silly boy. And he knows, already and in no uncertain terms, who he is and what he wants. I am proud to watch him grow. I am proud to be his mother. Happy Birthday, my sweet Lucas. You will always be my baby.


  1. rose wuenschel says:

    and how glorious it is when you find that you can fall in love with yet another baby, boy….soon to be young man! what a magical age 5! When my younger son Colman was 5 I had just finished reading them Peter and the Star Catchers and we were discussing how Peter would never grow up. I told James and Colman how I hoped they would always remain 8 and 5 respectively and wouldn’t they love that too? James said, “No I want to grow up so I can be 16 and drive.” Colman said, “No I want to grow up so I can be 21 and drink beer.” YIKES!!!! That second one always has a stronger punch! Enjoy those delicious boys of yours!


  2. Thanks Rose. Nice to hear your parenting stories. Funny that Colman! Lucas had a wonderful birthday. Theo, my oldest gets so much attention, it was nice to shower Lucas today and watch him revel in it, feel special.


  3. Happy birthday Lucas!!


  4. Happy belated birthday to Lucas! I am enjoying your blog, Jenny 🙂


  5. heartwriter says:

    Thanks again for sharing your heart, so beautifully. Hope the party went well.


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