Take It Easy


Taking it easy is not something that comes, well, easy to me. Unless I’m on a beach in Mexico, Corona optional. I tend more toward anxiety than apathy. Patience is tough for me as well as is a lack of control. I could go on. All afternoon, I have been trying to find a way to quell the feeling in my gut. It’s like swirling leaves in the fall, a gust of wind comes up and just whips them into a frenzy, dust gets in my eyes, I can’t see straight, nature has shut me down. Well nature, I’m trying to find a way to see your gust of wind and raise you the calm after the storm. I started running The Eagles through my head, trying not to let the sound of my own wheels drive me crazy.

It’s motherhood yet again. And thank goodness for my kids. They give me more than I can ever quantify. There are not enough words in the dictionary, hours in the day, space in the universe for me to express all that they give. But I will say, one thing I continue to learn from them is to have faith, to take it easy, to relax and let things happen naturally instead of always trying to make them happen.

Lately for various reasons, both of my boys have been going through phases. OK, so any parent reading this will laugh and think, so when aren’t our kids going through something? There is always change and challenge; with growth comes newness, fear, excitement, adjustment. And it’s constant. Mind you, that doesn’t go away as an adult, we just lose the immediacy of it, or become desensitized to it, or let it knock us on our asses so hard because often as adults the change is major, we lose our job, our marriage falls apart, a parent dies. But none of that is happening now. It’s just about being a parent, trusting that I am doing it well. Trusting that my children are growing into the people they should be all on their own, with my guidance. I can give them the tools; I can’t build it for them. Nor should I.

I wish I had been taught more self-reliance as a child. I didn’t learn, at an early age, to trust the process, I learned to be afraid of it. My job now is to trust it. To know that whatever process it is, whether it’s moving pre-school to kindergarten, to finding new interests, to taking risks, to joining a soccer team, to whatever they need to do to grow into being who they are. I hope I am giving that to my kids.

So, I’m going to take The Eagles’ advice. They’ve been around the block once or twice.
Lighten up while you still can
t even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand
And take it easy


  1. heartwriter says:

    Finally read this just now. Good words JK. Right where I am with parenting…such good lessons our kids teach us. And such good insight you share with your readers.


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