The Story


I was recently reminded that relationships are like books, they tell a story. They have chapters. Some chapters are fast-paced, alive with action and excitement. Others move slower, they may even have a sad overtone. Others still can be tragic or explosions of happiness. But each chapter has a place in the story. It’s up to you to stay with the story, to keep reading, living in it through the pages as they turn; the story as it arcs and flows. This is life.

This applies to all relationships: friendships, acquaintances, service providers, lovers, parents, children, spouses. Some, of course, are brief stories. Your relationship with the auto body shop owner may last three to four days and cost $659. You and the waitress who serves your food share but a brief vignette but it’s a story nonetheless. Your relationship with your parents is, of course, a tome, as is that with your children. These stories are full and rich, sometimes troubled, most times beautiful and full of bliss if you’re lucky. They last for years and are always changing. But these are the enduring stories, endless pages that you will continue to turn as long as you breathe air.  And so it is with your partner. A tome, volume after volume of life in the turning pages. Some volumes are more difficult to read, live in, than others. And then the sun shines again, as it always will, and you turn the page to a new chapter, one of light and laughter and love explodes off the page, is rekindled in your heart, and you read on. 

It’s all a story, I must remember that while in the middle of a page, an incomprehensible paragraph, a chapter that has me stumped.  As Brandi Carlile sings with such passion and beauty . . .  

But  these stories don’t mean anything

When you’ve got no one to tell them to

It’s true

I was made for you.


  1. chris brown says:

    Yes! See my response to your email. My point exactly.


  2. Bravo J.K. You wrote with your heart and moved mountains with your words.


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