Just Hang Up And Breathe


I am in the middle of a boil right now and it’s time to start breathing and let go. An unpleasant interaction with a service provider and I’ve resorted to some old ways—I’m furious. And I need to let it go because it’s just not important and my time is. The more time I spend on this issue, the angrier I become and it’s not about this. I resolved the minor issue—not entirely to my satisfaction—but my service is up and running again. So what if I paid $20 more than it costs today. So what if I lost a few days of downtime due to a clerical error with no notification from the provider. It’s now done. That’s in the past. I’m in the present.

And this is not what is really bothering me. I’m not sure why, but I’m just not having a good day. I’m sad, out of sorts, it happens. But it’s my perception at this point rather than what is actually going on that matters. Demanding that a customer service representative provide me with real customer service—rather than excuses—is not going to heal me today. At this point, continued suffering is optional and I am choosing to stop.

I took a huge leap today. As I started writing this, I was on hold for a supervisor. I can be tenacious to the point of exhaustion. But not today. As I listened to the annoying hold-speak—not music but ads for other “services” from this provider—I actually hung up. Enough. I’m taking a deep breath. And another. It’s all about choices. I can choose to stay in that boil, hold on to that anger, feel the victim, or I can hang up. Just hang up. And breathe.

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