Tomorrow Is Another Day



Yesterday I had a difficult day. Actually, it wasn’t all bad, but the morning was tough, both boys had tantrums and getting out of the house was stressful. I wasn’t feeling well so was ill-equipped to handle the turmoil. At the same time, I felt sad for them; their emotions were so raw. I wanted to wave a wand and make it go away but alas, I don’t have that power. Kisses, patience and reassurance were the best I could do. By 11 a.m., I was completely exhausted. At the time, I got lost in it and did not say the phrase to myself: Tomorrow is another day.

It’s amazing how helpful those four words can be, if you use them. Writing this now, I am trying to remember why it felt so difficult just to be in the world. And what a whiner I am. I have food to eat, people who love me, shelter, enough money. And those are just the basics. I have so much more than that, and yet, I had a bad day. It happens to everyone and sometimes quite honestly, it helps to whine. Go ahead, whine for five minutes. Just whine, don’t add caveats about how lucky you are and the starving children in Africa. Those things are real, those things need our attention. But for five minutes, give yourself permission to whine. And then get over yourself.

Of course, sometimes we have bad days for very specific reasons, because of a problem and finding a solution can help. That’s fine. Your car broke down, call a mechanic. You’re not feeling well, rest or call a doctor. Other times, you just have to let time pass and trust that the bad day will pass too.

I puttered around the house yesterday feeling out of sorts, and finally decided I just needed a nap. My cat knew I needed more—he came and slept on my pillow. OK, it wasn’t on my pillow but rather draped across my chest and partially on my shoulder. It’s a little weird—he’s ten pounds—but he likes it, and I like it and yesterday it fit the bill. As he kneaded gently and purred in my ear, I fell asleep. I awoke to a message from my husband. Did I want to meet for dinner at our favorite local pub? Absolutely. No cooking and the kids love the place. Instant smiles all around. Cheaper, and tastier, than a therapy session.

We were home in time for baths and then my kids fell into blissful sleep. This morning they awoke happy, rested and excited for the day. Sometimes we just feel grumpy and need to act accordingly. When I give myself permission to say, “today is blecch” I am able to move on. Taking care of myself means I go to the gym or take a walk outside. Sometimes, I call a friend, or write, or pet my cat or do something for others. And sometimes, I just crawl in to bed with a novel or take a nap. And, tomorrow is another day.

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